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Fishing within Dumfries and Galloway
Welcome to Galloway Angling - Rivers and lochs around Newton Stewart.
looking for River, Loch or Sea fishing Newton Stewart and surrounding areas offer a vast selection to choose from. To find out more click the links below.
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Black Loch is situated approx 5 miles west of Newton Stewart.
Boat fishing for rainbows and Brown trout with rainbows between 2lb and 8lb being stocked.
Open all year round. We carry an extensive range of flies and game tackle.

Glendarroch is situated approx 400 yards from the A75 Half Way House turn off to Kirkcowan,

This little loch of around three acres is a gem for the coarse angler it is very shallow and weedy but produces some excellent fishing, dawn and dusk is best but overcast days can be very productive. Roach, Rudd, Perch, are plentyfull good bream 6lb+ double figure carp, catfish? eels and tench (5lb30z best tench to my knowledge).

We have a good selection of groundbaits, maggots worms and tackle.

Garwachie Loch is situated 4 miles from Newton Stewart on the B7027 to Barhill (past Spectacle Lochs). A good reliable loch for pike fishing I have heard of 20lb+ fish and blanking is rare.

We have an extensive selection of deadbaits and tackle.
Kirkchrist Fishings

This well known fishery is well worth a visit not a huge sprawling loch but a series of ponds around ten in total you can wander off and fish any of them and catch fish well into double figures.

We carry an extensive range of flies and game tackle.

Loch Eldrig
There are pike. The far bank from the car park is private fishing. The pike in here are on the small side but fun. I sent a friend here and he had over 30 runs in 1day but the largest fish was only 51/2lb.

We have an extensive selection of deadbaits and tackle.

Pinbraid fishery

A 9 acre loch full of good fighting rainbow trout up to around 20lb and some good brown trout, on site there is a great little cafe serving hot and cold drinks and food, toilets, boat and rod hire available also lessons for the less compatent.

We carry an extensive range of flies and game tackle

The White Loch of Myrton (Monrieth)This loch is good and offers the keen pike angler shelter from the most severe winds the water is deep and surrounded by trees, It has suffered from polution in the past and this keeps the size of the pike down but the numbers are quite good I have had 20 fish here in a day up to 81/2lb.We have an extensive selection of deadbaits and tackle.

Lochs Ronald and Heron Off A75 west of Newton Stewart - pike and mixed coarse fish.
Ronald is a large open loch with some superb pike fishing available on the windy days Heron is about 50 yards away and can produce some good pikefishing as it is more sheltered. Both locks also contain some good coarse fishing with good sized roach and bream.
We have a good selection of groundbaits, maggots worms and tackle.We have an extensive selection of deadbaits and tackle.

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The River Cree and Bladnoch.

Both of these well known rivers can produce excellent sport for the visiting angler early on in the season the odd springer and lots of kelts the back end of the season producing more fish as the water levels rise 31 fish off one beat in 1week on the Bladnoch.Worthy of a mention is The Galloway Fishery Trust which has spent a great deal of time and effort improving and maintaining the rivers in this area and have helped the numbers of salmon enormously by striping fish and re-introducing the fry into the rivers.
We carry an extensive range of flies and game tackle.



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. Boat fishing

Boat fishing is brilliant Tope and Pollack is my passion Luce Bay holds some of the best Tope fishing in the UK, Pollack fishing is good but double figure fish are rare light tackle can produce an amazing fight and the fish are plentyfull in summer months. Many species of fish frequent these shores Wrass many diferent types, codling, whiting,coalfish, black bream, mackerel, smoothound just to name a few.

Beach fishing
Beach fishing is plentyful Bass is on top of the list spinning and bait fishing is the prefered method although fly fishing for bass is catching on. Bass are around most of the year Febuary seems to be the poorest month.Many other species are available from the shore such as flatfish ,pollack etc.

Rock fishing

Some great rock marks exist and lots of good fun can be had. Float fishing with live rag worm can produce some excellant wrass and pollack, sandeel can bring the bigger pollack in, spinning produces mackerel and pollack and fly fishing for pollack is great fun.

We have an extensive selection of blast frozen bait, Ammo sandeel ect, live rag worm and a teriffic range of sea gear.


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